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Where that line lies, I do no know, but I can sure as fuck tell you this greasy Estonian faggot sure as fuck crossed it.A Buddhist chant is a form of musical verse or incantation, in some ways analogous to Hindu, Christian or Jewish religious recitations.In the Ghitassara Sutta, the Buddha teaches: Oneself gets attached to the sound, others get attached to the sound, householders are annoyed, saying, “Just as we sing, these sons of the Sakyan sing”, the concentration of those who do not like the sound is destroyed, and later generations copy it.

The liturgy used is a tool to allow the practitioner to transcend the old conceptions of self and other.

In this way, intimate liturgy practice allows one to realize emptiness (sunyata), which is at the heart of Zen Buddhist teachings.

There are also a number of New Age and experimental schools related to Buddhist thought which practise chanting, some with understanding of the words, others merely based on repetition.

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Thus, Dōgen's instructions are to "listen with the eye and see with the ear".

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