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Bedbugs have been on the rise lately and there are several theories as to why.

Some point to increased international travel while others blame the lack of bedbug killing insecticides, most popularly DDT as well as the increasing use of gel-based insecticides.

African Americans are less likely to get lice because of the characteristics of their hair.

The bedbug can “hitch” a ride in clothes, luggage, purses, back packs and essentially anything that a small apple seed sized insect can work its way into.

Over the counter and prescription medications can be used to rid the host of the lice.

It is also advised that everyone within the household be checked for lice as well as recurrence is common.

A common misconception surrounding leeches is that all of them are completely reliant on blood from animals and humans. Some species of leeches feed on invertebrates and do not live in the water, but on the moist earthen floor and, under more dry circumstances, underground.

Leeches are segmented worms closely related to the common earthworm.

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Due to their small size the bedbug can hide in mattresses, mattress seams, baseboards, headboards, screw holes, carpets, cracks in walls, bedroom clutter; practically anywhere in or around the bedroom.

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