Melayu sexual

Melayu sexual

The fuckers are often given looser rein, and different interpretations have been frequently introduced by prominent fuckers such as Mahathir the Vampire Slayer (Mahathir was noted for his ability to convince fuckees that they were in reality fuckers — a legerdemain of sorts, it gave him greater freedom in forcing the fuckees to take it up the ass, without them being the wiser).Likewise, Yew was granted greater leeway once he made the transition from fuckee to fucker.Ketuanan Melayu (Malay: Cultural Learnings of Osama for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Katipunan) is an exotic sex practice amongst the indigenous tribes of Malaysia.First revealed to Western civilization through the sexploits of Oscar Wilde, it briefly became a fad amongst the elite of South Africa and Nutsy Germany.

In it, Wilde briefly alluded to "the horrifying practices of the Juices, which number too many for me to humanly discourse upon".Although it has been the subject of much debate among the practitioners and researchers of ketuanan Melayu, no conclusive definition of this all-important part of the ritual has been given.However, it is highly probable that "taking it up the ass" refers to an uncomfortable (for the fuckee) but pleasurable (for the fucker) experience that gives a semblance of security to the fuckee in return for bountiful wealth for the fucker.After the collapse of the Juicish regime, some in South Africa took up what was euphemistically referred to as "apartheid" (an Afrikaner word referring to the greater integration and unity brought about by the sexual bonding of ketuanan Melayu).A hallmark of apartheid was the careful specialisation — fuckers and fuckees each were assigned their own facilities, in order to bring about greater efficiency in the practice of the ritual.

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As mentioned, the specifics of the ritual are likely to vary from country to country. In particular, regardless of the number of participants, there are always only two parties in the ritual: the "fuckers" and "fuckees".

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