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Sex of a virgo

Virgos are naturally supportive and attentive individuals.

The Virgo man provides a strong means of support for another Virgo who always seems busy with everything else, and vice versa.

Almost every certified astrologist will warn against dating your own sign due to similarities causing a lack of balance in the relationship.

However, Virgos might just be strong enough people that those who work best with us romantically are those almost just like us.

You are both multi-talented, able to juggle a multitude of people, ideas and tasks.

You are both organized, thoughtful and stick to the schedule.

The Virgo woman and man will almost immediately intuitively understand one another. The Virgo couple will explore new forms of communication together, and before you know it, both partners have gained a lover and a friend.

Strong as we are (or seem), Virgos will always go the extra mile for the people who matter most to them, whether it’s reciprocated or not.

You are two people who will work hard and never apologize for it.

You are two people who give your all to everything you do because you are perfectionists.

As the “mothers” of the zodiac, it is embedded in our very fabric to take care of people.

And while Virgos of both sexes are generous to the point of martyrdom for the people they love the most, due to their seemingly serious moments, we can also often go under-appreciated by many. As strong nurturers, Virgo men and women offer each other a level of patience and understanding.

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Ruled by Mercury, which promotes rationality, logic and realism, and born under the sign of the Mother, or “virgin,” who embodies understanding and overt honesty, my male counterpart is exactly what I never knew I had been hoping for.

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