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• Audio CO player software allows you lo play your audio CDs. Soft Logik VISe orp - '.rnlunj to employ representatives for developer countries I Jason Compton ETWORKING IN MIAMI Choosing a networking package on the Amiga isn't quite as straightforward a deci- sion as it used to fie, either for tocat net- works or forgetting connected to your local Internet service provider. His new TCP/IP networking system called Miami promises an easy-to-use and attractive application for getting an Amiga quickly connected via SUP or PPP (the two popular methods of directly dialling your Amiga to an Internet provider)/ with the most up-to-date networking code for increased compatibility with new server software, Miami mil not support SANA-II, the well-established Amiga network driver Standard but will rely instead on custom SUP and PPP drivers to better handle the dialup signals neglected by the SANA stan- dard. Ink Cartridges Cjimn HJia.'Star Sj** Canoti aj ZDcrtlt) 1 1 in C! Once Workbench has loaded, put the first coverdisk in your floppy drive and double-dick on the 'AC icon. He has more than 10 We put Vt Scorp's Don Gitbreath, Vke President of Engineering, on the hot to answer all our pressing questions. On the flip side, Escom was clearly having a tough time and Vl Scorp may have had an undesirable partner. Wo, not so much up for sale but it had had a tough time, that was clear.• Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CO ROM drive does not cause long delays when booting up. With the commer- cial release of Ami KP 4, the revitalisation of the A5225/(-Net 225 package (as found in the Amiga Surfer), and the forthcoming networking tools from companies such as Oregon Research and Hi Soft. As such, r't wilt not be aimed at Amiga users Soaking to construct a local, Ethernet- style network- Miami promises to be mostly compatible with both Ami KP and AS225/t-Net 225 applications which use the proper library colls, meaning many popular networking clients for e-mait newsgroups, Web brows- ing and (RC should work with a minimum of hassle. If you have not used en Amiga Computing cover disk before, or you do not have the Installer and Lzx programs on your hard drive, you will need to double-dick the Set Up HD icon. hnna lacmg fwnta met arcade j DB»u Sn -iu* Tlton pna Ma O-m EEL CUAIIi QL*l Sf S5^ h St SS. tf vl SCorp's main aim is set-tap boxes, why has it bought the whole company when a licensing agreement to use Amiga technology was already in place? You see, there might be people that Vl Scorp would not want to be forced partners with; and get the licensing from. Escom bought It at d round the J10 or 312 million figure, although there were adjustments made, On our side the million - well, there 6 still some diligence happening.ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 6 SPEED £219.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £259.99 Pfeuz^ suit for lurli&f d^killz siren FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA MANCHESTER rder NOW for immediate despatch r 1 i . a 5AHA-II device for PPP con- nections and Ami Win, a popular imple- mentation of the X windowing system for network cannetiions- Mare information on Miami and other programs of interest con be found on Mr Kruse's Web iile, » SHium VCYr ■ifc Mi Miiw Imfciiriw nmj riinf| tl " II '*'• %y Seagate co^^rm HOMb £B9. Drive install kit £(4.95 Iffdudf-i ki *ip «yfb^*rt, tiblwflnd Tull Intun Kimni, no Ha^d OH«t Disk Drives Squirrel l/face vmh;\ M1438S F^r ' IE295. This wilt copy all the files in to a drawer as well as copying the BGUI library and setting up an assign. Clearly it will have presence in Europe because thaf s where a lot of the activities are but it's not clear at the moment. Vl Scorp actually has simultaneous development going on in Japan as we speak. Vl Scorp wants to do stuff where the most experienced people are.Alternatively, you can reach him by e-mail at [email protected],ucf,edu. BBS Salts & Technical line Tel: 1 13 211-1421 cheque p*r;i*r nukr payable as: FIRST • M ext TV ee K May ^ COMPUTER CENTRE" In a\i •Sa Hjrd.lvdplivery £10-00 working iivi cheque clearance • All puces include VAT @ 1 7,5% SHOWft OOM ADDRESS: •Large showroom with parking DEPT.^C UNIT 3, ARMLET" PARK *Mu Tci-millirjn pound company COURT, STANNINGt EY RD, LEEDS. V5 I 30Mb.£l 09 95 l70l4.95 250Mb.£13v.v5 Jd OMb.t 1 75.95 51 OMh. K Amiga Branded hjs SHi TMjif Ji-l Jri-rv Microvitec 1438 monitor withaut loeak Ert £264,95 E« tra adaptor may be req. Ciw Uppvds K^ 04 *^ M £I3».9S| ]J Ph KDHc Hacn Jnijr Upjridf •\ril S7 t S I Mtf LC»*»~ £I0S.9S H a 2." F ^^' A^bjlll In. — ^ _ — Wtlh Image Engineer'* built-in off met modules and Aft*** port a murtlrud* ot im N)L: somewhere before the IPrefs command. ftl Mlv brlllarrri Huui LIME UUCLH-HACHEIE Op Kalh Hl arm aim BHE. Can you confirm that development of new and year's experience of research and development in fields including telephony, television and computer communi- cations.The door to our prer is next to the florists oppos* » m-luih" WT PMUC rout* ar- •■• «w*l j^^^V eti J The Amiga's just a games M m machine...", how often have you 1 W heard it said] But let's reappraise ^•^ the situation nawc hallway thru ugh 19^6. And how many of you look on in wwy at Rebe J Assault II, Duke Nukem, Quake, Lost Eden, etc., etc., etc., The truth is out there, the fact cf the matter is that the PC is the games machine now, not the Amiga. -Crantp :nnuflunl | U1B12 TQT-EKJA* n|nri*l1.1)'Tlllnes tram asomaaic shgpn ro flurnl pailorna. A Product details Product: Scene Storm Supplier: Active Software Pnw; CI 9.99 Phone: 01325 552 260 Scores Ease of use mm Implementation U IHA NCER Qools unlimited: BLANKERS nightmare scenario, I trust you'll agree.

tnlhu Hasa, As a key member «f thf IDG communitattoni jmyp, Amfcu Csmpirtmf promhm U inform, educate and entertain its readers each month witfi the mast dedicated coverage of the Anqga available. • Does not use or interfere with toe PCMCIA slot or any other port. • CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used on the A1200. More conventional individuals may phone (001) 3I4-25&9595 or fan (001) 314-256-7773. ' t5 Printer repair ipctiairit Su Free quotes available! To extract the Image Engineer archive oft the toverdtsk you should boot up your machine as normal. Board of Directors Mr Remillard is one of the founders of Vl Scorp and is the inventor of ED, the interactive TV.d vwf.h crystal i JSFJfaftws Dj- A ' \ ■ J I L i bourw DATAFLYER 4000SX only £59.99 vy 4 ASIM COFS only £49.99 itee. edit/switch es only) for enquiries tel: 01 fax: 0161 7% 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12 pm Personal cailers we/come. K0i UD NORTHERN IREliim 1 ta*S BABJC EUt CTFIwncs VI £ 12 Dtt Pv ' Fof ricta E liln Eltt UAB8M Gli W f Q THE NTEnif ET V3, . Our round-up rather surprisingly features no pictures of birds. It' n mice AGIC WORKBENCH ENHA This, is a car Anne, fnaturfni} a car. Nice isn't iff Bottom I'm a looked so bland it was unbelievable.Please phone first to ch availability of any item, DIRECTIONS: From the M62 junction 17 head towards Bu We are 50 yards on the j de after the third set of lights. HUFESn 4»imt V "Il P 1 iwaaci dia Hti rrif TT aaalal ALVEl F an:- tiu T1ASUU JL EBPIu TX cnapu -h;u,. T Aaaajal Maic Prig EDVCATIQ&A21 GAMES P4G*; Lul Hclwr uf Eh. T AG AIM PO ATEFirw Kin ■ « In Aiwqln nth hrtlnil 9 ipr W* Aj GAJ JJ Ui TAAATll H ■ I hi m Tp MH SD T*»: B^n U' :1U APJ2 NKTALLt H ■ feinpfl i HHHWP MHtlmx Ii » MD Ln P1( TURLW-t Ar PPa Vl-3 Ihu P *ffl1 V. I found 1 was using quick keyboard shortcuts for programs that weren't even installed.nl Member sfihe Au JH Bureau of Crnils Lois ABC ID 39,802 June-Dec \m Published b* IDG Medii Mtdfl HMM. The page, at offers instant access to upgrade patches for Page-Stream as well as ordering information for the entire line of Soft Logik and Digits products, lor which it is the exclusive North American distributor. We all wail with baited breath fur the press confer- ence on the 19i May which will outline the plans (this was originally scheduled for earlier this month but was postponed).Adlit v m[sirpd}mori Amiga Computing CHAIRMAN Richard Hut* MANAG INC DIRECTOR Ian Blaomfield We regret ^mifff Cam Cuufli cannot offer techni- cal help en a pergonal basis tidier fcy telephone or n writing. The ordering page includes special 'Powerup' and competitive upgrade options. According to those in the know, everything is ready to go ahead— i Amiga Computing FHho is viscorp?

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Nearly half our readers have CD-ROM drives, also negat- ing the idea that games that are too large for floppies are too large for the Amiga. In my opinion a CD full of bl ankers seems to be a waste of money as you only end up using one anyway! Bi utm (ftw siune principals behind icrecn W.-inknrs - rarely do we get an original on; Tools Unlimited is a CD which contains an unlimited amount of tools. This edition is based around the pretty much pointless screen Hankers for computers using a high screen resolution which, if left con- tinuously on-screen for a certain amount of time, would result in that particular screen burned onto your computer- So basicalfy you would always see that screen faintly in the background, This CD contains loads of blanker packages to use for blanking your screen - what else, Each one ranges from just a black background Bott om 'line Product details Product: Tools Unlimited: Blankers Supplier: CTI Price: Etba Phone: 49 6171 85937 Scores Ease of use 86% Implementation 84% Value For Money N/A Overall 81% Amiga Computing JULY 1996 ml over d month ago we, along with the rest of trie Amiga lommumty.

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