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Approved by the Duchy of Cornwall as landowner, the excavation was carried out in August 2011.Co-ordinated by Dartmoor National Park Authority, the excavation was carried out by archaeologists from the Historic Environment Projects Team, Cornwall Council with assistance from English Heritage and Plymouth University specialists.The cist is particularly unusual because of its situation within peat and its apparent isolation from other known prehistoric archaeological sites.The location of the burial at 600 metres above sea level on the northern moor begins to fill in the blanks on the map, as currently very little evidence exists of prehistoric activity in this area.This was the first excavation of a burial site on Dartmoor for 100 years.This is now considered to be the most important assemblage of prehistoric grave goods ever recovered from Dartmoor and indeed from the whole of the South West of England.

Wrist/arm band The carefully woven strands of fibre used to craft this delicate 175mm-long band are made from cow hair.

This was followed by analysis of the various remains and radio carbon dating to establish the age of the cremation burial.

National and international specialists are presently involved in the study of individual items discovered during the micro excavation including the pelt, textiles, cremated human bone and a variety of beads and studs.

The amount of wood charcoal found within the cremation, and presumed to be from the funeral pyre, was small,, suggesting that much of the wood had burnt away.

Most of the wood was oak () Textile and animal skin object Analyses of the skilfully made textile and animal skin object measuring 345mm x 260mm, has revealed that this is a band of textile made from finely woven nettle fibre.

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Who was it, what was their gender, what type of animal hide was used to wrap the cremated remains?

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