Activity dating relative

Activity dating relative

Principle of crosscutting relations: geologic features, such as faults, and igneous intrusions are younger than the rocks they cut. Here are some additional hints that will help you with your diagrams: Sedimentary rocks: ' o If rocks are folded, the folding is younger that the youngest rock affected. sonneuur auntie-u ( : aaubtsnlfi "nun-u.»- avnwvnuw-qu: autumn“: 7 cyanogen.» cumin." lvuu'aw-e u”.‘."§.".“.*&u a? a amwb'fihaufin meweua‘g anon-«mun noun-autumn» nt'tqululw _ myunooumuttcuat nwobuuunuan «presume-«a «maqu wast-xxxxx ‘1*m**t'.-.a? All four sedimentary layers were folded into a syncline.

Principle of inclusion: a rock body that contains inclusions of preexisting rocks is younger that the rocks from which the inclusions came from. 0 If they are folded into a syncline (a U-shaped fold) the youngest rocks are in the core of the fold (see figure B). ~:.a~:.-:.~ “1'31 retinaanemc uh oumncon‘dunaoa on tor-aw»..‘ Iotancmtilflwlmwabno _vvv nsvnuwkumu *~ ‘4 wwuuxuwnuwsvmvvewqummm “2. Ws.r...m.u&...i « r ...enwmtmanaemia Q’UIVOI¢.v“tv§:§§§‘$t$‘t$flfltltfll ‘Ofifififitfliafiwtle DO$$§fisfiafifiQ§ffi3§5 a"mynnwuhyeyweteauummpnysaoan H _ ‘ assaupcwngoovqtaqsaecswr «emu-a. Layers E and F were then deposited at a later time and are the youngest.

A period of geologic time can be recognized by its respective fossils. B «mum same : unwavan «nu-- autumn: tpw99 amnmcao «ammo! The segment begins with five lessons, one for each day of the week and culminates with a group project for the students.Chronological dating, or simply dating, is the process of attributing to an object or event a date in the past, allowing such object or event to be located in a previously established chronology.Unformatted text preview: UJJEIJIIIIIIHE [DEE A Relative Age Dating Activity By Christine Mc Lelland Name: Purpose: In this activity you will learn to determine the sequence of geologic events fiom cross- sections of strata (rocks) in a given area. Background: Before absolute dating of rocks was developed in the 20th century, geologists had to rely on relative age dating, which places geologic events in their order of occurrence. The method begins with the careful drawing and description of strata (the geologic cross section or profile).

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Russell, a masters student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, in La Jolla.

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