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|D But anyways, especially Reshiram's face is lovely.)And by the way, Reshiram covers Pokmon Black -game and Zekrom Pokmon White. I would just call them mythical these days cause legendary just doesn't have the same ring to it like it used to in the older series. Anyway, heeeere are two new (rushed drawn) legendary pokmon of 5th generation. Can I say they're epic.(And can I also say they really really remind me about something previous and even a couple of digimon inclided... Bad thing is I like these two and I have nasty feeling they'll get a way too much popularity for my taste...mehhh. I mean 5 generations of pokemon and easily over 20 (I don't know how many there are anymore) legendaries? Reshiram has traces of Lugia, Arceus, palkia and Darkrai. And then even that Pokporn strikes…Besides I have a heavy dislike against Furry-Fandom. Furrys are people who like animals, and animal people. NINTENDO NEEDS TO BE MORE CREATIVE AND TO USE THINGS THAT RESEMBLE LIVING CREATURES, LIKE WOT DO THESE THINGS LOOK LIKE??????? Anyway, here's my prediction; Pokemon Black is set in a darkened era from the get-go and the game plays out with more than just Pokemon Battles. Thanks to those freaks all creature artists and people whod like to make a “Fursuit” (creature Cosplay) by them own, are rated at perverted animal-sex-fans… Edit: This picture is starting to look old, lookee plushies instead: Plushies" data-super-img=" data-super-width="673" data-super-height="1187" data-super-transparent="false" data-super-full-img=" data-super-full-width="802" data-super-full-height="1413"Is it even possible to call legendaries 'legendaries' anymore?The games have promise I'm sure for newcomers to the series and some Pokemon Vets. At least you have a better humor and the humor-tastes seem to fit pretty pretty good I think I got your point. I only feel attacked if someone insults me, steals characters or something like that. The Player would in turn need Reshiram to free the world. I just hope they dont like pretty Fur legendary too much. Whereas with Pokemon White, things go the opposite.

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But for some Vets Pokemon just has lost its charm and spark. In that logic they could take aaany other mythical animal and make it a type. I've seen (of course, nobody can't avoid them) much absolutely boring humor which makes most of people snicker but my own reaction is rolling eyes or facepalm or just really dry not-amused "hah". Thanks to them all people in Fursuits dont get any respect because everyone thinks they are perverted animal-sex fans |I dont like those sick people and there over huge 18-community. Opinions cant bring me in a rage status /D I dont feel attacked because of opinions like these x)Thanks.

Most likely will result in more anime stuff and such as well. Mythical type would have fit much better (and that would have avoided some inside jokes about a hamster type, a mushroom type and a pineapple type...)Well rarity yes, but I dunno, I suppose more in the sense of type yes. As soon as someone uses heavy German vulgar language just by fun that person wont get my attention ever again.) But as soon as things take actions it is NOT funny anymore. So I don’t know why others don’t see the same difference between jokes and actions when we are talking about parodies. Im already sick of those Reshiram-porn pictures which are SUPPOSED to be funny. I think my sense of humor is a bit hard - I mean, I don't use straight jokes but humor is based that thing the reader must imagine what would/could happen / has happened, maybe, perhaps, weird speculations. Please don't take this comment as an attack, I'm just trying to make my point.

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