Bell expressvu guide not updating 40 or so gal dating herd of boy toys

Bell expressvu guide not updating

I decided to write this post tonight because that decision has inadvertently caused me to miss watching the Senators game (but more on that later).Bell has a real push on to get customers to move from satellite to a wired service.I imagine it enables them to bundle additional services (internet, cellular) and to reduce the cost/complexity of installation.After about 4 weeks on the service I have some strong thoughts.Going through each channel and customizing a list is totally ridiculous.– I said their marketing materials do not tell you about the downgrade.Bell Canada offers internet, mobile phone and home phone services to individuals and businesses.Internet is delivered through DSL or fiber technology.

Here’s the good: Overall, I’m fairly happy with the service, with the consolidated PVR trumping most issues. 2)You now can get Fibe 25 with out loosing 10GB so basically your getting Fibe 36 10 for Fibe TV, 25 for internet.Sue Going through and removing the channels you do not subscribe to is a one time thing and isn’t really that painful. You should be able to find this in the PVR menu, click on the schedule and select (I think, I’m at work so I can’t verify) options Not disputing that you can set that option. However, certain channels like ID are constantly a minute out and for that you do need to change the settings.What people are looking for is a *global* option to set it to record an extra few minutes by default. I’m considering switching to Bell Fibe (from Rogers) and I would likely go with the “Better” package.Bell now wants .10 extra per month for the wireless PVR plus a installation charge. The guide seems ok and you can set up favorite lists just like it was with the sat receiver.Doing this will allow one to skip all unsubscribed channels.

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