Bro code dating friends ex

Article 25: A Bro doesn't let another Bro get a tattoo, particularly a tattoo of a girls name.Article 26: Unless he has children, a Bro shall not wear his cell phone on a belt clip. Even if they say it’s fine, you simply don’t do it. Don't throw a friend under the bus to impress someone. When offered a beer, accept even if it's not "your brand". If they helped you move, you are compelled by law to reciprocate.20.

It is a scared document not to be shared with chicks for any reason..not even that reason.

Player 1 shall always fall to whomever owns the console.10. If you are sitting up front, you're not a passenger, you're the copilot. If a guy is engaged in a conversation with a woman, don’t interrupt or try to piggyback. NEVER use the urinal directly next to another man unless absolutely necessary, and for the love of all that is holy, do not speak to him.18.

This statement applies to pretty much everything, at any time.9. If a bro dies while lifting, put more weight on the bar, then call 911.17.

Article 23: When flipping through TV channels with his Bros, a Bro is not allowed to skip past a program featuring boobs.

This includes but is not limited to, exercise shows, womens athletics, and on some occasions surgery programs.

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Article 11: A Bro may ask his Bro(s) to help him move, but only after first disclosing an honest estimate on both time commitment and number of large pieces of furniture.

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