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Before me Seth Williams Justice of the peace" to make a just appraisal. "It appearing that some of the above Articles were Given by the Said Guardian to said Abigaill, and that a Great Number of the Other Articles Ought not to have been charged, The above Accompt is reduced to" £30, 16s., 4d., "Lawfull money which the s d Abigaill is Indebted on this acco* to her said Guardian, and she having Delivered the said Gideon's Bond of" £94,95., "Payable with lawfull Interest to said Abigaill according to the settlement of her Father's Estate, there remains in the said Guardian's hands the" £432, 12s.

[5 : 348] On 21 February, 1726, administration was granted to Lydia Williams, widow and executrix. "moveable Estate mentioned in in said Settlement the Vallue of which is in Lawfull money" £96, 2s., 8d., "and also" £99,3s.,9d., "Old tenner Bills which by said Setlem* said Abigaill was to have from her Brother Samuell, and which s d Sarah who was Guardian to said Samuell was to pay with lawfull Interest to said Abigaill, which now with Interest amounts to" £i6o,i3s.,4d., "Old tenner bills the Vallue of which is" £3i,9s.,4d.

that Cap 1 John King, m r Ebenezer Williams and m r Jacob Hall Ap- peared some time in y e month of December or there about in y e year 1726: and made oath .... The guardian also charged for "8 years & 6 months Diet from the time of her Fathers Death to Sept 1 " 1740" £56, I3s.,4d., and "her part of a Debt due to the Heirs of John Bradford comming to light Since the Estate Inventoried & Set- tled" £i,ios.,4d.

[From unrecorded bond] On 21 February, 1726, Lydia Wil- liams, widow of "Nath 11 Williams .... "Lawfull money, which said" £96, 2s., 8d., "with the said" £31, 9s., 4d., makes £127, 12s., "out of which the s d Guardian's due being de- ducted which is" £31, i6s.,4d., "there remains" £85, 15s., 8d.

Yeoman deceased", as executrix, with Ebenezer Campbel and Ebenezer Williams, both yeomen of Taunton, as sureties, gave a bond of £600. "now in the s d Guardian's hands to be paid to the s d Abigaill" The decree was dated 18 July, 1755.

We here print exhaustive abstracts of the two wills, and of all records, and original papers on file, relating to the settlement of the two estates, found in the Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Probate. June 15th The Children of Clement Bates & Betsey, his Wife. Payments had been made to : "Nathaniel Fuller for Gravestones"; Robert Brown of Plymouth; William Coomer; George Bryant; Eleazer Rickard; Thomas Samson; Thomas Croad, Esq. Jackson; Benjamin Samson; Samuel Jacob; Ruth Faunce; Benjamin Samson of Plympton; Seth Chipman; John Murdock, Esq. Rudolph Weld, of the Committee on Annual Dinner, received with the guests.

We also print exhaustive abstracts of certain deeds re- corded in the Bristol County, Mass., Registry of Deeds, which prove that the widow Lydia (King) Williams married again and survived her second husband, and prove the marriages of her daughters, Lydia, Bethia and Judith. ; Edward Cole ; Hannah Jackson ; Jonathan Samson ; Nicho- las Sever, Esq. and Said Sarahs Quarter part of said personall Estate is 706.9.5 Which is 80:6:6 more Than Her Ninth part, and Lieutenant Samuel* Bradford's Will 21 whereas it Will Be Benificial To The Sons and not in The least Prejudicial To the Daughters To Preserve The land from Division as much as may Be and Convenient allso that The two Thirds of The New purchased lands Which Remains The Widdows Dower Being already Taken out Should Be assigned To the younger Chil- dren That the other Children may Hold Whats Given them In the Said [p. o Which makes up Her Quarter of the personall Estate Being assign d To Said Abigail" "5 That Said Sarah shall Have out of The Personall Estate Given in said Will But 668.8.5 The other 38.1.0 Which makes up a Quarter of The Said Personall Estate Being assigned To Said Abigail" "6 That Said Samuel Shall Have .... Frederick Foster, Governor and Deputy Governor of the Society, Mrs.

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Bethiah Williams 5 , married Noah Williams, of Taunton. "And allso We Sett off unto Her a Certain parcel of Wood Land Bounded as Follows Begining at a Red oak Tree marked Near the Range of Josiah Perkins land on The Northerly Side of the Cart Way That leads from The Furnace To m r Benjamin Eatons about one pole from Said Cart Way and from Said Tree Ranging South Sixty Six Degrees Westerly Thirty two pole Thence North Twenty Four Degrees Westerly forty pole Thence North Sixty Six Degrees Easterly untill it Come unto the Range of The North east Side of Said land and From thence Bounded By The Rang of The North East Side of Said Land untill it Come To the Red oak Tree First mentioned "And allso We Sett of unto The Garden Which adjoyns To The furnace as it is Now Fenced "And allso we Sett of unto Her That parcell of Land and meadow which Lyeth Butting on The Brook Below The furnace Lieutenant Samuel 4 " Bradford's Will 19 Containing about Four or five acres as the Same is Now Inclosed With a fence "And allso The one Third part of The one Half of a Share of Cedar Swamp In The Thirty South Lott in monponset Neck So Called "And allso one Third part of a Sixteenth of The Furnace, and allso one Third part of The one Half of The Saw mill, and allso one Third part of one Eighth part of The forge .

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