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A FEW "FALLBACKS" FOR BORING CONVERSATIONS Find something funny going on around you in the club and point it out, like a guy trying to hit on a girl who's obviously not into him, a guy who is checking her out (or point out a GIRL who is checking her out), or the guy with the dorkiest outfit. Take turns taking the letter of the other person's name and making something funny out of each of them. MORE TIPS ON MAKING REGULAR CONVERSATION INTERESTING...

Tell her you're going to set her up on a date, and pick out some funny looking guys for her in the club. Tell her to entertain you with a funny story or joke. So if you're talking to a girl named JEN, you might say, "OK... Sometimes you'll legitimately want to know where she lives or what she does.

This puts the pressure back on her, and makes her work to keep you around and entertained. It's OK to ask, as long as you do it in a cocky and funny way, and have a cocky and funny answer yourself. You've got "tuba" written all over you..." - After she laughs, say, "Seriously, tell me..." Then, of course, make fun of her answer.

You can also play little games that women find totally engaging - like one called "Favorites" where you go back and forth and ask each other your favorite things, like your favorite ice cream, restaurants, etc. Here are some examples: - To find out where she lives: "I bet you live close to a mall, don't you? "OWNING" THE CONVERSATION A lot of times when you meet a woman in a bar or club, she's going to have her shield up from meeting so many dorky guys in a row. But if you can show her you're not affected by it - or better yet, turn it around in your favor - you will INSTANTLY trigger a deep attraction within her.

Don't talk about work, business, politics, religion, or family - EVEN IF you share these things in common.

By: David De Angelo, Author of "Double Your Dating" 07/24/2008 Dating Tips Home / Online Dating Home / Opposite Sex Channel It's the worst.

You go out to a bar or club with your buddies to meet women…

If you’ve checked out my newsletters or my dating products, then you already know that I’ve spent a long time working to figure out exactly how guys can approach and meet women, spark attraction, and get dates. I spent a lot of time learning and testing every trick, technique, and idea I learned…

and I chose the best place in the world to do it: The bar and club scene.

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