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gonna (do that)." That the verb go as used in this construction is distinct from the ordinary lexical verb go can be seen in the fact that the two can be used together: "I'm going to go to the store now." Also the lexical use of going to is not subject to the contractions to gonna and similar: "I'm gonna get his autograph" clearly implies the future meaning (intention), and not the meaning "I'm going [somewhere] [in order] to get his autograph." The going-to future is one of several constructions used in English to refer to future events (see Future tense § English).

The basic form of the going-to construction is in fact in the present tense; it is often used when the speaker wishes to draw a connection between present events, situations, or intentions and expected future events or situations, i.e.

to express the present relevance of the future occurrence.

It may therefore be described as expressing prospective aspect, in the same way that the present perfect (which refers to the present relevance of past occurrences) is said to express retrospective (or perfect) aspect. English has a construction formed by part of the copula be followed by to and the bare infinitive of the main verb (i.e. This is similar in form to the going-to future, with the omission of the word going.

In the first person, I'm gonna may further contract to I'm'n'a .

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Constructions analogous to the English going-to future are found in some other languages, including French and Spanish.

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