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[tags: Babylonian Society] - The discovery and understanding of the Hammurabi Codes has been without doubt one of the most important events that has changed the world.The Hammurabi Codes were established by one of Babylons first kings named Hammurabi who reined for about 55 years he lived from 2123 to 2081 BCE.The laws consisted of 282 provisions arranged under a variety of subjects ranging from family and personal property to trade and business.These laws established consequences with the philosophy that the punishment should fit the crime....Normally understanding or even error is influenced yet the idea of ethnocentrism, where diverse neighborhoods have a recently set up foundation of certain standards dependent upon accept their, conventions, social, administrative, and particular qualities and morals fr...[tags: human records, culture, arts] - Laws play a major role in the expansion of a nation.King Hammurabi managed to organize one of the first best preserved set of laws from ancient Babylonian times.

The basis for these laws were enforced by the saying "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." This meant that if harm was done to you by someone of the same social status, the equivalent harm would be done to them....

In fact its very existence created the basis for the justice system we have come to rely on today.

The creation of “the Code” was a tremendous achievement for not only Babylonian society but for the entire Mesopotamian region as King Hammurabi was ruler over all of that area.

There is a lot about Babylonian society that can be learned through reading the Code of Hammurabi.

In the very least, the document itself and the materials used to produce it tell a lot about how advanced the empire was....

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Hammurabi came to power using his strengths as a military leader, conquering many smaller city-states to create his Empire.

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