My friend is dating my ex boyfriend

My friend is dating my ex boyfriend

That was the worst summer of my life because we would spend 24/7 together not being able to kiss him, touch him feel him and it was killing me and I felt it was killing him too and one night we slept together even though we were not a couple but nothing happened, I wanted to kiss him so bad but he pushed me away saying he was scared feelings would come again and that he respected me too much to hurt me again.Later on he told me that he had mixed feelings and that he didn't know what to do about them, I thought he was talking about me but funny thing is it turns out he was takling about my best friend of 15 years. My best friend and I have been besties since the fourth grade. She was with this guy for four years, up until early May of this year, when he suddenly decided to break up with her. I started hanging out with him about two weeks later, at first thinking I was just being someone to talk to.

You also have the opportunity to use this experience as a chance for some introspection.Most of us have beliefs about ourselves and how we would react in hypothetical situations.I imagine you once thought that you would never choose a guy over a friendship.Everyone told me things were going on between them but i jsut couldn't believe them because i could of never imagined she'd do something like that to me, until the day I saw them together in the car. anyways so I decided to leave my home, start a new life in a new country and finish my studies, I was all good for about 1 month until he came back talking to me saying he missed me.I don't understand how he has the guts to be with her while talking to me saying he misses me.

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I am not saying that what you have isn’t real, but might you find yourself in a similar situation four years from now?

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