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5 , , Win CE.: һ : 2012: : Win CE 4.2, 5, 6 : : v5.1.0.97 - ( COM ),,, . Skin Navitel_800x480.ns2, Navitel.ns2 Navitel_800x480.ns2 ( Navitel.ns2).2. You can monitor the performance of your server through the Web Administration system, under the Performance graph.(Note that the tickrate currently doesn't go above 30.Its a calculation error if it does go above 30) To install a Natural Selection 2 server you must use Valve's Steam Console Client (Steam CMD).

Command line settings relevant for enabling web administration: -webadmin (specifies whether web administration is active - omit to disable) -webdomain "[name/IP]" (quotes required!

Note that for relative paths, they will be taken relative to the current working directory.

This should be a list of space separated mod ids that are active on this server. Please see Dedicated_Server_in your server directory. As of B222, the Steam Account used no longer requires access to the NS2 Steam Workshop This string must be covered in double-quotes.

The NS-3 Consortium provides organizational and financial support to the open source project.

There are no official hardware requirements for running an NS2 server.

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Linux executable is ./server_linux32 in the main installation directory. Some parameters for the server start have to be put in quotes like -name "NS2 server".

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