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Brezice sits right on the border of Slovenia and Croatia, which in recent days has become the focus of the migrant crisis in the region.

In the last 24 hours alone more than 12,000 migrants have crossed into Slovenia, with thousands more expected to follow. He described the current situation as the biggest loss of control and largest state of emergency of his ten-year tenure. Molan said his town is in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant and is hit by occasional flooding and even the odd earthquake, but the impact of the migrant crisis is “much more serious”.

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It has been alleged by the likes of the BBC that a lack of water and food, coupled with a delay in processing, led to angry scenes with migrants setting fire to the tents in which they were housed. He says it restricts the life of everyone in the community, both the 24,000 inhabitants and the authorities who have to deal with it. Molan says that he fears Austria’s decision to close its borders as he believes Slovenia cannot cope alone.

In his opinion, if the German government is sincere in its welcome to refugees then it should send trains to collect those in Croatia, alleviating their suffering. Molan believes that realistically Slovenia can only house “2,000 people, nothing more” citing the country’s relative economic weakness and ability of local communities to integrate newcomers.

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