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Updating electrical wiring in the home

Larger homes may require 400 amp service or greater.When upgrading your electrical service, you may need to check with your power company for placement of the service entrance.Often, the duplex outlets are split so that one "plug-in" is switched and one is not.protection should be used with all bathroom and outdoor circuits. Most circuits for lighting and outlets, using 12 AWG [American Wire Gauge] wire with ground, should be 15 or 20 amps.You should plan ahead for circuits you may be adding during future remodeling even if you won't be adding them now.There are four basic types of circuit breaker installations. One is double width and provides two connections for wires and the other one looks like a normal 110V breaker and are used in pairs, with a connector for pair's switches [so both wires are tripped together]. One has a single breaker and the other one has two breakers built into one [duplex] so that two 110V circuits can fit into one breaker slot [often used with small size panels with lots of circuits].

The idea is to have enough circuits so that extension cords are not necessary.Some brands only accept one type of breaker, and they may be very an old argument and modern breakers are actually better than fuses.The breaker has two protections: too much current will "trip" the breaker off, and if it fails to trip, or the current is extremely large, there is a "fuse-like" strip inside that will burn out. Unless you are rewiring your entire home, you probably won't be able to split up many of the existing circuits.The best time to rewire is during a remodeling project, such as renovating your kitchen or adding a family room, when subcontractors are opening up your walls anyway.That way, your electrician has easy access to the walls, and refinishing walls will be part of the larger remodeling project—not just the rewiring.

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One way to estimate the cost of structured wiring is to determine the square footage of your house. While a standard electrical upgrade essentially maintains the value of your home, adding structured wiring can increase it.

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