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Lactation consultant: With this hand I want you to scoop up your breast and hold it like a C.

Okay, now see how you have here, that is good with the thumb, but a lot of women make the mistake of putting the index finger too close to the areola. Narrator: In addition to the cradle position, there are two other positions you can try.

I remember the fateful day in highschool when I heard on the radio that my one rockstar crush, Gavin Rossdale, was apparently set to marry this girl with what I considered a stupid band with a stupid name.

The point is, as silly as it all was, at 14 I was filled with jealousy over this woman for being with the dreamboat who had totally looked in my vague direction when daddy got me tickets for his concert.

Narrator: The nipple should end up near the soft back palate, behind the hard roof of your baby's mouth. The lying-down position allows babies to attach easily.

Lactation consultant: Both of you have to learn together – you have to learn positioning, you have to learn your baby's cues, and he has to learn how to suck on the nipple properly.

Narrator: You'll want to begin feeding when you and your baby are relaxed, calm, and alert.

Lactation consultant: Once you get home, this can be a good position to do and you can get a little bit of a rest. Lactation consultant: And Dominic's doing a beautiful job.

You like to see that the lips are flanged out and that he has a nice wide angle here. A baby when they are sucking will take about a silver dollar's worth of tissue in. Some women's nipples are larger, so you have to go by about how much the baby has taken into the mouth. Narrator: There may be times when you need to help your baby unlatch ­– such as when you're uncomfortable or your baby's done feeding but is still sucking intermittently.

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