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The Sks came in many variants Chinese Type 56, Norinco SKS-M, Yugoslavian PAP M59/66, Romanian SKS, Albanian SKS, East German SKS, North Vietnamese SKS, North Korean typ 63 SKS.

It’s hard to develop a solid reputation when, for a brief period, your very existence is squeezed in between the M1891/30 Mosin-Nagant and the AK-47 Kalashnikov, but the SKS-45 did make a successful debut with Soviet troops along the Eastern front in 1944. It was also convenient to fire, useful in a bayonet assault and could be easily reloaded.” He continues, “After the Kalashnikov assault rifle had been adopted with similar ballistic characteristics to the SKS and far more effectual combat properties, the Simonov carbine was discarded…” Bolotin’s comment about “…more effectual combat properties” highlights two of the SKS’s limitations: the lack of a detachable magazine and the lack of selective-fire capability According to Bolotin, both the SKS-45 and the AK-47 were both officially adopted in the same year—1949.

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The Soviet Union and China were the most prolific manufacturers of the SKS.

It is estimated that between those two nations, over 4,000,000 SKS carbines were manufactured with China being the leading producer and exporter.

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That tidal wave became a trickle when in 1994, by Executive Order, President Clinton stopped the importation of small arms and ammunition from China and in 1996, obtained a voluntary restraint agreement with Russia, stopping the further importation of the SKS.

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At the highpoint of the SKS trade, the Chinese offered a 20-round fixed replacement magazine and a 5-round hunting magazine.

TAPCO currently offers detachable 5-, 10- and 20-round magazines.

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